Housewives: S/T 7"

RIP Society Records


Still Single Says... PENETRATING noise/slash/thrash from Sydney, playing like they have wah-wah pedals open up all the way and the treble and mids cranked. Guitars are weapons too, yäó»know; theyäó»re decent crowd control devices if you swing äóÖem the right way, and if youäó»re creative-cum-destructive enough, you can cause telepathic injury to bystanders when plugged in and cranked up just so. It helps that Housewives has a vocalist whose own snot-puke punk sneer fits in perfectly with the abrading tangle of HC-inspired racket behind them. As Iäó»d suspected from the tenor of this caterwauling, two of these five folks also played on that incredible Ghastly Spats single, which is neck-and-neck with this one in terms of which could do the most damage to our more sensitive listeners when cranked loud enough to warrant neighbors calling the cops. Through headphones, this would be like that scene in äóìHigh Anxietyäó? where Dick Van Patten canäó»t turn off that crazy rock song blaring from his car radio. Pin it äóÖtil your ears bleed. äóìThatäó»s Chatäó? is my pick but äóìLick the Pipäó? satisfies as well. Another killer from the sub-continent

Tags: australia/NZ garage