Honnor SS: D-Noise Anthem 7"

Konton Crasher


Well, first of all I'd like to congratulate Honnor SS for the bold move of pressing a 33RPM 7" with a big center hole, virtually ensuring that every time someone goes to listen to their record they will play 10 seconds at the wrong speed before having to pick up the needle and play it again at the correct speed. Anyway, this is the new EP from this Swedish d-beat band who have been going for several years now apparently, though this is the first I've heard them. Konton Crasher seems to have an ear for putting out slightly left-of-center d-beat bands, and Honnor SS definitely fit that bill. Unlike a lot of d-beat bands, Honnor SS aren't afraid to mess with the formula. In particular, they seem willing to let their 90s European hardcore influences show through a little bit... one song even has a kind of Manliftingbanner type vibe, which is really weird for a band that rips of Confuse and Discharge fonts for their layout. Anyway, it's nothing if not all over the place, but if you like that scrappy European hardcore sound you might want to add this one to your pile.
Tags: 10s D-beat hardcore Scandinavia sweden