HIV: S/T 12"

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HIV will forever be one of the most influential hardcore punk bands to grace the Pacific Northwest. HIV started in Bremerton, WA when a bunch of 13 and 14 year old friends wanted to be in a punk band. What formed was one of the most honest, energetic and inspiring bands to shape the scene that was to come. HIV’s legacy still carries on after childhood friend and beloved pup Samuel Satori Silverstein passed away earlier this year (2014). In his memory the unreleased HIV lp is now available. These tracks collected dust from 2007 until now where they are finally done justice. This is my favorite punk record of my lifetime. I can't stress how important and impactful this band was.

Our take: Vinyl reissue for this obscure Seattle-area hardcore band that only released a cassette way back in 2007. Out east at that time all of us were pretty much neck-deep in the retro hardcore movement with labels like No Way, Grave Mistake, and Sorry State getting going and bands like Direct Control, Government Warning, and many others hitting their respective peaks. HIV, however, don't really sound like that at all... while the music is predominantly fast USHC-influenced stuff, there's a pronounced youth crew influence to HIV that would have been extremely unfashionable to us east coast snobs at the time. Still, though, this isn't really like the polished modern youth crew of bands like Mindset; this is rawer, nastier, and definitely way more punk. For some reason or another it reminds me a lot of the early stuff by the 90s Cleveland straight edge band Committed... I'm not sure if anyone even listens to that band or remembers them anymore, but their approach was similar to HIV's, i.e. an energetic, punked-up take on the sound of the first two Youth of Today Records. If you hate any trace of youth crew in your music it's probably best to avoid this one, but if you have a soft spot for the sound this is one of the most raging, punkest things in the style I've heard in quite some time.
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