Hez: S/T 12" (new)

World Gone Mad


HEZ are from PANAMA, a country not known internationally for it's punk output, even though they've had a small scene going since at least the 90s, but this should be the release that makes people pay attention. One of the rawest, catchiest, pounding and heavy hardcore punk releases that I can remember. I was nothing but ecstatic to be included in this joint release with Discos Enfermos and Logica Ciega Discos. I cannot give this LP enough praise. The most blown out and heavy bass; pounding, stomping and tom heavy drums; and noisy, screeching, distorted guitars. Not to mention the tormented vocals to wrap it all together. I really feel like no description can give this LP justice. It needs to be heard to be properly experienced. And the cover art was done by one of my favorite people/artists Yecatl Peña! A perfect release all around.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this band out of Panama, and it may well be the first punk record I’ve heard from that country. You may recognize the art stylings of Yecatl Peña from Inservibles on the cover, and indeed this seems, sonically, very much of a piece with many of the killer Mexican punk bands that have surfaced over the past several years like Inservibles, Tercer Mundo, and Era del Vacio. Hez’s sound combines the dark and brooding sound of dark post-punk and death rock like Bauhaus or Christian Death with the heaviness and density of hardcore, arriving at a sound that’s sort of like a slightly more palatable version of what Rudimentary Peni were doing circa Cacophony. It’s also worth noting that this is on the same label as the brilliant Haldol LP, and while Hez are a lot noisier and less accessible than Haldol, I’d imagine that fans of that band might find a lot to like here as well. Further, while I don’t know much Spanish, from what I can make out it seems like the lyrics address life in present-day Panama, and I’m sure someone with a better knowledge of the language than me can learn a lot from the lyricist’s perspective. It’s not exactly feel-good music, but there’s a richness to both the music and the package as a whole that is gripping.
Tags: 10s goth-punk hardcore mexico punk recommended yoobl