Hero Dishonest: Kaikki Hajoaa 7" (new)

Peterwalkee Records

$3.00 $5.50

Latest 7" from this Finnish band, and they still have a wild, almost indescribable sound (but here goes anyway...). There are elements of so much different stuff here... they're as fast as any hardcore band, but the riffing is really quirky and interesting, at points of reminding me of a much faster Drive Like Jehu or something like that. They actually do a cover of the Proletariat (but sung in Finnish), and I suppose that band is a pretty good reference point in how it's fast like hardcore, but something kind of vaguely post-punk about the way everything is put together. Like all of their other stuff, this is really good and terribly underrated in the US.

Tags: 10s bf16 finland hardcore Scandinavia