Hero Dishonest: Dangerous 12"

Sabotage Records

$8.00 $15.00

5th(!) LP from this long-running Finnish punk band, and it's a bloody scorcher! I know I say it a lot in these descriptions, but I really think there's a distinctive sound that happens when hardcore punk is played by older guys. Whether it's the straight up burly, simple HC of Out Cold or the more complex dissonance of Double Negative, hardcore made by this generation in the modern era (at least those who aren't dumb / lazy enough to reform their old bands) is usually unpretentious, adventurous, and pays no attention to the overly restrictive genre fixations that seem to trap up so many young bands. This Hero Dishonest LP definitely fits that pattern... sure, it's insanely aggressive (the faster moments kind of reminding me of Dropdead), but there's so much more going on here... there's the Crucif***s' sarcasm, the more musically adventurous qualities of bands like Drive Like Jehu, and the songwriting sophistication that only comes with years and years of making music. A really, really phenomenal punk album. Highly recommended. Sabotage Records

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