Herds: Self-titled LP

Fashionable Idiots Records

$4.00 $8.00

Though they had a few solid singles, Herds has blown everything out of the water with their debut LP. Drawing from an exceedingly deep bag of tricks, Herds bring together everything from fist-pumping d-beat hardcore to 90s-style discordance to 80s-style aggression on this absolute monster of a full-length. It's like they've brought together every style of HEAVY (and I mean HEAVY... check that sick bass tone!) hardcore/punk in a blender and this is the jagged, bloody remains that came out. In an age of 8-song 12" 45s, it's refreshing to hear a band that really expands their sound for the full-length format. People are going to be talking about this record soon, so you might as well pick it up now. Also of note is the sick packaging with hand-screened covers and a download card for you cyber-punx. Fashionable Idiots Records

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