HDQ: Hand Me Downs 7" (green vinyl)

Boss Tuneage Records

$1.00 $7.00

Brand new single from this newly-reunited UK punk band featuring Dickie Hammond, who also played guitar in Leatherface. HDQ had quite a lengthy original career that ranged the gamut from fairly blistering hardcore earlier in their run, to more emotional, melodic UK-style punk on their later records. This single is definitely more in the vein of their later, more melodic stuff, as well as the most recently Leatherface material after Dickie re-joined the band. Hammonds' little arpeggios are unmistakable, and people who hate Frankie Stubbs' voice will likely appreciate Golly's big, melodic voice a lot more. Pretty essential stuff if you're into the Boss Tuneage / Crackle! / Snuffy Smiles / Leatherface kind of UK-style melodic punk sound. Boss Tuneage / Unsane Asylum

Tags: 10s melodic uk