Hateman: Samarian Night 7"

Pop N Roll Records


Debut single from this new Japanese band, and the first clue what you're going to get with this record comes from the center labels, which are a rip-off of the old Good Vibrations labels. Indeed, that seems to be the main inspiration here, as those chiming, almost Byrds-esque guitars seem directly inspired by Rudi and (particularly) Protex. This isn't quite as full-on retro as you might expect, though; Hateman still sound like a modern band, particularly because the heavy, heavy Japanese accent immediately makes me think of Snuffy Smiles Records-type bands. Still, though, these two songs have some big hooks. The guitar leads in particular are fantastic, especially on the b-side track, "Kim," which ends with a soaring crescendo of lead guitar. Definitely a single worth hearing for fans of the more melodic end of modern garage-punk or if you're just curious about Japanese garage-punk/power-pop in general.

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