Hassler: Fed, Worked, and Watered 12"

Deranged Records


After a banger of a beginning on the great Beach Impediment label, the debut long-player from Hassler shows up courtesy of Deranged Records. If you're worried that anything has changed, then don't be... this still sounds like something that Beach Impediment would put out. It's total bulldozer-style hardcore with gnarly vocals that sound kind of like a mix of Choke from Negative FX / Last Rights and Mark from Wasted Time / Mercy Killings. The playing is mega-tight and the production is thick and explosive. This reminds me a lot of the tougher bands to come out of the 80s USHC resurgence of a few years ago... Wasted Time, Cardiac Arrest, and Omegas in particular. If you're into tough, straightforward hardcore along the lines of the aforementioned bands or newer stuff like Firing Squad and Violent Reaction then this should definitely spend some time on your turntable.
Tags: canada hardcore oi! punk ushc