Hard Stripes: untitled 7"

Triple B Records


2nd 7" from this Richmond, Virginia hardcore band who had a killer earlier 7" on the Vinyl Conflict label. This is on Triple B and I can see where it would appeal to the "hard" crowd as it definitely has some pit-clearing riffs on it, but Hard Stripes are the kind of band that I think have more than a little bit of crossover with the spectrum of the hardcore scene that Sorry State tends to cater to as well. In addition to the mosh there's a lot of interesting hardcore punk riffing, some of which occasionally has an 86 Mentality vibe to it, and the vocals remind me quite a bit of the guy from Boston Strangler in places as well. They strike me as a Richmond band that could get just as much of a reaction opening for Government Warning as Down to Nothing, and that's no mean feat.

Tags: 10s hardcore mosh richmond sxe USHC