Happy?: Anger 7"



Infamous recordings of raw and ferocious hardcore finally available on vinyl. Recorded in 1993, just as so-called, “Power Violence”, was about to take hold. Features the gutteral vocal monstrosities of Dan Lactose (who’d soon after join PV heavyweights, SPAZZ). Mixing thrashing speed & intensity, influenced by the likes of INFEST and CROSSED OUT, with grinding sludge ala GREIF & EYEHATEGOD. From the SF/Bay Area, originally formed as a loose project by Denis (Atmosfear ‘zine, later Candy Muscle and The Bug Pedals) and drummer Trey (later in Louisiana sludge masters, Ketea). Includes digital download with extra tracks, hand stamped center labels, and a HAPPY? sticker.
Tags: 90s fast hardcore power violence reissues