Han and the Solos: Teenagers from the Black Lagoon cassette

Feral Kid Records


Aborted 7" from this upstate NY band that broke up before their time. They were from the unlikely locale of Olean, NY, and they actually remind me quite a bit of a few upstate NY bands of years past... most notably Skate Korpse and Insubordinates. Like both of those bands, the foundation of Han and the Solos' music is catchy skate rock a la Agent Orange or the Faction, but the style doesn't seem forced or contrived... it's just a totally natural expression for these raging, energetic, catchy punk songs. Throw in a totally awesome raw, DIY recording and you have what would have been a really excellent 7"... oh well, at least we have the tape. Feral Kid Records

Tags: 10s melodic skate rock USA