Haldol: S/T 12"

World Gone Mad Records


With a new lineup and relocation from Nashville, TN to Philadelphia, PA, HALDOL exhibits a ground-up revision of the band. Abandoning the fast beats and spastic time changes of before, the new HALDOL is much more in the dark wave/post punk camp, while keeping that straightforward aggression of hardcore punk with driving rhythms and manic guitars. They’ve been compared to BAUHAUS, SIEKIERA and RUDIMENTARY PENI. This new 12” is limited to 300 copies only, so don’t sleep!

Our take: Brand new 12" from this Philadelphia (by way of Nashville if I remember correctly?) band. I enjoyed their earlier record but oh man... this thing is on another level. I'm kind of surprised that I like this as much as I do because the whole "death rock" thing has gotten so played out over the past few years, but if something is good it's good, right? My pithy way of describing this to people is that it sounds like Institute if they were really into Rudimentary Peni's Death Church rather than Crisis and Zounds. However, as with all pithy descriptions that's slightly misleading and overly reductive. In talking about this record with lots of people I've heard a ton of band comparisons bandied around--Rudimentary Peni, Christian Death, the Subhumans (UK), the Chameleons--and all of them are appropriate to one degree or another. It's just one of those records that's super catchy but not really poppy, and has a really powerful, distinctive sound that grabs you right away (which is probably the reason I want to compare them to Institute). Definitely one of my favorite and most listened-to records of this month... highly recommended.
Tags: 10s anarcho death rock hardcore post-punk punk raw recommended yoobl