Haldol: Demo cassette



New tape from Nashville's Haldol, and it's as interesting as the rest of the band's excellent earlier stuff. As before, this band occupy a really unique space... there's definitely a heavy Rudimentary Peni influence at work, but the band also have some strong post-punk trappings, including that chorus effect on the guitar that everyone is so fond of these days, but it doesn't sound throwback-y at all... in fact, the combination sounds quite fresh. At its core, this is warped, psychedelic hardcore... parts of it remind me of something like Destruction Unit if they were a hardcore band, but Haldol can also pound things up at a fast hardcore tempo when the need arises. I never hear anyone talking about this band (perhaps because of their location?) but this tape in particular is top-notch... highly recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore noisy post-punk punk raw recommended