Hairlong N Freeky: S/T 7"

Lumpy Records

$5.40 $6.00

Our take: Debut EP from this project that, if I heard correctly, features members of Coneheads / CCTV and Glue. Even among the Sorry State staff this seems to be a divisive record as it really pushes the minimalist Lumpy aesthetic to its limit... I mean, there aren't even any song titles! Most of the tracks don't have lyrics, and despite the electronic rhythms they still feel loose, jam-y and tossed-off. If you like your punk rock to be extremely thought-out with riffs inside of riffs and a million ideas crammed into a tiny space this isn't going to be for you at all. However, I can't help but find this utterly charming. It definitely has a bit of that Coneheads-type, Devo-influenced "robot soul" style, and while people love to cop various aspects of Devo's style, that's one that people very rarely nail, and it's done to perfection here. It really does sound like the hookup music that would be playing in a seedy robot bar, but one that was imagined in the early 80s... basically, it's funk rhythms mutated to fit the constrains of a stiff, mechanical rhythm. There aren't really "songs" here at all (no verses, choruses, build-ups, intros, etc.)... instead, you just get 6 catchy little slices of rhythm that seem to end almost before they start. I'm probably doing a terrible job of describing this thing, but it's utterly unique, and while some people will absolutely despise it, those of us who crave both the novel and the catchy will flip out for this and play it over and over and over and over...
Tags: 10s garage melodic raw recommended synth-punk yoobl