Gun Outfit: Two Way Player 12"

Wharf Cat Records


On the heels of their justly lauded LP Dream All Over, Gun Outfit deliver Two Way Player, an EP of enigmatic and spacious guitar music that stands alongside the bandʼs boldest and strongest work thus far. Abstracted legends of the American West, fortunes gained and lost, tragic songs of life rendered in deep focus – all portrayed through mysterious and dense compositions that recall the lonely expanses and warm intimacies of the films of Bruce Baillie and Gunvor Nelson. Compulsory listening for any fan of American Music, Two Way Player is a brief, beautiful dispatch from the countryʼs most consistent band, a record equally suited for stoned sunny mornings and lonely full moon nights. Two Way Player was recorded in New York in June 2015 and features an alternate lineup including David Harris (Milk Music) on bass, Joe Denardo (Growing/Ornament) on guitar and Will Lawrence on electric piano in addition to the core group of Daniel Swire, Carrie Keith and Dylan Sharp. Recorded at Kutch 1 Studios, Brooklyn. Edition of 500 records.

Our take: Latest 12" EP from this band who, at one time at least I'm pretty sure, were based out of the fertile Olympia, Washington scene. Like their last LP, Two Way Player has a very 80s aesthetic. In particular, it reminds me of a lot of 80s bands that seemed simultaneously to discover Neil Young... in particularly I feel like there are elements of Meat Puppets' desert psych and Dinosaur Jr's laid-back melodicism at work here, with the spaciousness of the arrangements in particular recalling the wide-open expanses evoked by Meat Puppets II. Gun Outfit are much more put-together, though, with well-written, well-considered songs. Such powerful songwriting paired with the work of an authoritative woman vocalist also immediately makes me think of Fleetwood Mac. If you follow the output of labels like Wharf Cat and Perennial this is a no-brainer... a really excellent EP.
Tags: 10s female-fronted indie melodic