Gross: All In One Cassette

Televised Suicide Records


Gross from Florida play a harsh type of hardcore that speeds up and slows down a lot, the lyrics are frustrated and distant.

Our take: Cassette from this Florida band on an Australian label, bringing together tracks from a forthcoming 7" along with a bunch of previously released songs. Gross are a monstrous band with a dirty, aggressive hardcore style. This reminds me of something that might come out on a label like Iron Lung... Gross have a way of combining the energy and the straightforwardness of retro hardcore with a modern recording and a genre-busting style that isn't afraid to incorporate things like blastbeats and reverbed-to-hell vocals. This certainly reminds me of super negative hardcore like Hoax or Gag in places, but it also feels more progressive and forward-thinking than most bands in that style. It's all recorded phenomenally, as well. Basically, if you have a section in your collection for Youth Attack or Iron Lung Records releases Gross should probably be on your radar. Crushing.
Tags: 10s florida hardcore noisy punk yoobl