Grim/Klone: Back On The Street 7"

Brain Transplant Records


Dead stock copies of this EP, released in 1999 but recorded in 1979. The Grim Klone Band released 1 single, 1978's No Excuse, which will set you back a good couple hundred bucks if you can find one, and it's clear the band didn't get much more proficient in the year since their debut single. The a-side in particular is totally nasty, blown-out KBD punk, reaching near-Tapeworm levels of gnarliness. The b-side is a little more together, more along the lines of pub punk like Slaughter & the Dogs, but with most of the rawness and nastiness intact. Definitely a rad little slice of KBD punk.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s 80s punk raw