Green Beret: Violence Is Their Currency 12"

Side Two Records


After a strong demo, here's the SCORCHING vinyl debut from Boston's Green Beret. Damn, this thing absolutely smokes... full-throttle Totalití_r-style HC, albeit slightly more raw and with the wild, kinetic energy of Japanese bands like D-Clone and Framtid (though not nearly as noisy as either). Call me crazy, but I also hear a little DFTS-era Warzone in the band's sound, as there are a couple of rocked-out leads and the barked vocals sort of remind me of that as well. Man, this is one of those records that makes you jump out of your chair and want to mosh around the room... it's impossible to sit still while listening to this one! Highly recommended! Side Two Records

Tags: 10s D-beat USA USHC yoobl