Green Beret: Standing at the Mouth of Hell 12"

Side Two Records


Two years since their "The Cult Of State" EP, Green Beret return with another dose of timeless hardcore. "Standing At The Mouth Of Hell" treads the same UK-by-way-of-Sweden ground as past releases, adding a bit of a straight-forward US influence resulting in their strongest work yet. Their influences may be obvious, but this ain't no feeble genre exercise. Green Beret stands as proof that trends come and go but hardcore punk can still be urgent, catchy and relevant in 2016.

Our take: Latest missive from this Boston / NY band, and it's easily their best yet. It's not that much has changed, but rather that Green Beret have expanded their boundaries a little bit here and incorporated a few new tricks into their formula, most importantly varying the tempos a little bit more and adding a little bit of lead guitar into the mix (the leads are actually from a guest guitarist, CC of Mind Eraser / a million other bands). The songs with the leads are actually my favorite ones and I wish they were on more tracks... maybe Green Beret should consider expanding to a 5-piece? At any rate, when you layer these new elements on top of the rock-solid foundation that the band already had--seriously, they're almost incomprehensibly tight and powerful--you really can't go wrong. Snazzy packaging as always, too, this time upgrading to one of those fancy tip-on jackets. If you're interested in this there's no reason not to pull the trigger... you definitely won't be disappointed.
Tags: 10s boston d-beat hardcore recommended