GRC: Sloboda Narodu 12" (new)

FOAD Records

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Unsung heroes outside their country for us one of the greatest treasures that the Yugoslavian Rock
scene spawned in the 80s, GRČwere formed back in 1982 in the early Punk/Dark/New Wave scene of Rijeka,
Croatia. Their album “Sloboda Narodu” originally released in 1987 only on tape represents one of the most
gloomy and hopeless expressions of negativity that whatever you may label as Dark, Death Rock or Post
Punk has ever conceived. It transpires blood, secular blackness and distress at its purest form.
Their musical approach is a solid amalgamation of Doom tinged post-industrial Rock (think of early
Swans and Young Gods) with uncompromised Dark Punk atmospheres. The incredible downtuned vocals of their
ominous frontman Zoff consolidate a feeling of solemn black decadence that go hand in hand with wonderful
lyrics, a desperate cry for freedom in a landscape of war, urban decay, social oppression.
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