Grabbies: Live 7"

Fashionable Idiots Records

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Re-release of this notorious document, which was originally released in a tiny edition of 200 copies years ago, and has been prized by collectors ever since. The Grabbies were a San Francisco punk band led by Italian troublemaker Alessandro / Anus, who would go on to front Fashionable Idiot faves Out with the Bang a few years later. This record is a soundboard recording from the band's one and only tour, and it's pretty much a 100% authentic document of what it's like to see one of Alessandro's bands live. There's lots of cursing, some insanely hilarious crowd baiting, and wedged in there somewhere are a handful of tracks of raw, abrasive hardcore punk. Whether you're coming to this for the stage banter or the music, you'll be pleased, so just get it, m'kay? Fashionable Idiots / Distort

Tags: 00s garage gb325 noisy USA USHC yoobl