Gotobeds: August 2013 7"

Mind Cure Records


From the label:ξ

Wow!Œæ This Mind Cure singles of the month series is going from strength to strength.Œæ Shifting gears a bit from the first two more metal leaning singles The GotoBeds (one word) new single is so insanely catchy and all around perfect.Œæ äóìIpso Factoäó? is the kind of song that makes it hard to flip the record over as it is so good you just play it again when it is over.Œæ When you finally do flip the record youäó»re treated to an excellent version of the KBD classic originally by Australiaäó»s Victims äóìTelevision Addictäó? and there you have it, another perfect 7äó? in this Mind Cure singles of the month series.Œæ Fun facts:Œæ The GotoBeds feature two guys who used to be in Kim PhucŒæ

Tags: 10s garage punk