Good Throb: S/T 7"

Play Pinball Records


Debut 7" from this UK band (ex-Shitty Limits, Sceptres, etc.) who had a really great demo tape a while back. This 7" definitely improves on that tape, as these are four songs with a lot going on, and the production is a little brighter and clearer, allowing you to hear what's going on. All in all this reminds me a lot of the early Rough Trade Records kind of sound... there's a naivetí©, but the music is far from simplistic... the songs have a lot of dynamism, going from quiet to loud and back again, and really showing off a strong sense of songwriting. The music isn't cerebral, though; the singer is pissed, the music is heavy, and this is definitely PUNK. All in all, fans of UK punk from the Lowest Form to Hygiene and back will love this. Gorgeous packaging, too, including a huge 6-panel fold-out poster sleeve with tons of awesome drawings.


Note: this is the US Pressing on Play Pinball Records

Tags: 10s post-punk UK