Golden Pelicans: S/T 12"

Total Punk Records


I think Florida's Golden Pelicans have kind of a parallel history to North Carolina's Flesh Wounds, who I've also been listening to and thinking about a lot lately. The bands sound quite similar (almost strikingly similar in places, really). Both bands put out 7"s that I thought were solid without totally blowing me away. Both bands also stepped things up considerably when they made the jump to big vinyl, and like the Flesh Wounds LP, the Golden Pelicans 12" is one of the must-hear garage releases of the season. There's nothing terribly out of the box here, just amped-up, catchy garage-punk in the tradition that runs from the Stones to the Heartbreakers to the Oblivians to now. However, either a band like this has it or they don't, and this is one of the good ones.

Tags: 10s garage punk