Godflesh: Songs of Love and Hate 12" (new)

Earache Records


Reissue of Long Out of Print Fourth Album, Originally Released in 1996!

Formed in 1988 by Justin Broadrick (guitar, vocals and programming) and G. C. Green(bass), Godflesh emerged from the tightly knit underground metal/grindcore scene of Birmingham, England, quickly blazing their own trail with genre-detonating early albums likeStreetcleaner (1989), Pure (1992), Selfless (1994) and Songs of Love and Hate (1996) which proved immeasurably influential and canonical to an emerging wave of bands that sought to combine the ferocious sonics of metal with the booming drum programming of early hip hop. The seminal and long out of print Songs Of Love and Hate is highlighted as the first Godfleshrelease to feature a studio drummer. The band's fourth LP also featured full lyrics and a traditional change in sound. Having quoted Leonard Cohen on earlier releases, they paid tribute even further by naming this record after one of his LPs.

Tags: 90s grind industrial reissues yoobl