Godflesh: Selfless 12" (new)

Earache Records

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Heralded as innovators within the genre, generating an austere and hypnotic sound that pioneered the formation of the ‘Industrial' genre, Godflesh was spawned in Birmingham in 1988 by Justin Broadrick (formerly the guitarist with Napalm Death) and bassist Christian Green. The simplicity of the line up characterized Godflesh's infamous appeal, with the on-stage use of a drum machine and various collaborative contributions from musicians within the industry. Broadrick's self-proclaimed 'rock record', Selfless came out in the autumn of 1994 after a long delay due to the Earache / Columbia merger. After six years and a number of releases, this would only serve as the band's third full-length recording. Selfless is now available on vinyl for for the first time since its original release!
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