God Equals Genocide: Rattled Minds 12"

Dirt Cult Records

$5.50 $11.00

After numerous 7"s and splits, here's the debut full-length from LA's God Equals Genocide. While I've been a little iffy on some of their material in the past, this is a snappy and fun album... the songs are short, sharp, and chock full of memorable hook. This reminds me of something that would have come out on In the Red, in that it's pop-oriented but still super fuzzy and aggressive. Great songs, and something about it has an almost progressive/post-punk feel (an almost Wire-ish feel in places) that really takes this band to the next level. If you dig great, memorable punk songs, I'd highly recommend checking out this record. Dirt Cult / Razorcake

Tags: 10s melodic USA