Gluebag: Welcome To The Planet Cassette



Reissue of the demo cassette from this Western Mass band who had a great LP on Framework last year. It's easy to see why a label all the way in Australia would want to reissue this tape, because it really hits a lot of the high points that I associate with Australian punk of the last few years. Gluebag seem to be taking cues from classic Australian punk like Radio Birdman, burly 90s noise rock, and the aggressive swagger of modern garage and putting it together into something that sounds just... awesome. Like Eddy Current Suppression Ring and their associated bands they're not afraid to hang on a riff for a little while and let it really sink in, but at its core this is raw, high-energy Punk with a capital P. With five long-ish tracks it also eats like a full meal, so while it was a bit expensive to get these bad boys shipped over from Australia, I can assure you that you're getting your money's worth. Highly recommended!
Tags: '77&KBD 10s garage noise rock raw recommended