Glam: Veneno En Sus Flechas 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Long-awaited debut 12" from this much-loved Barcelona band who are coming over to the US in April 2012. Truthfully, this LP is very different from what I expected given their 7", but I'm pretty stoked about it. The 7" was all raw and fast energy, reminding me of the 1st Sex/Vid 7" or something like that, while the 12" encompasses a lot more, subtly mixing up the tempo and adding a lot of really inventive guitar stuff on top of the band's hardcore assault. There are a lot of cool, open-chord riffs that really remind me of nothing else (maybe shades of early Final Conflict or something like that?), and just really inventive songwriting throughout, with raw but powerful production that allows you to hear everything that's going on without sounding too pro or clean. Really, this is a fantastic 12" and dramatically exceeded my lofty expectations. Highly recommended. La Vida Es Un Mus

Tags: 10s bfsale D-beat noisy Spain