Giorgio Murderer: Holographic Vietnam War 12"

Pelican Pow Wow Records


Behold! We have received a transmission from prismatic knight, Giorgio Murderder. From the future dimensions he inhabits, he has hailed us with pancosmic crashing. The LP, Holographic Vietnam War, maligns the past and presents for the wreckage that is to come.

Catchy punk anthems, with dirty synth tapestries, by the alter ego of Buck Biloxi.

Our take: Debut full-length under the Giorgio Murderer moniker for this New Orleans musicians who also does time in Buck Biloxi & the Fucks and, I'm pretty sure at least, a few other bands as well. First of all, I feel like I've totally fallen for the band fucking with me every time I listen to this record. If you play the first song at 33RPM it sounds like it's really slow, so I switch it to 45RPM and it sounds normal, but then when you make it to the second song it's clear that that and the remaining songs should all be played at 33RPM. I thought maybe they pulled the 'ol "one song mastered at a different speed than the rest" trick, but when I listen to the album on BandCamp the first track is slowed-down as if it were played at 33... so I'm just really confused. Maybe it's to force people to listen to the record at both 33 and 45RPM... I have to admit that it sounds pretty good at both speeds. Musically, this is high-energy, synth-driven garage-punk with both its punk and pop sensibilities firmly intact. In places it reminds me quite a lot of the Ausmuteants, to the point where I can't imagine a fan of Ausmuteants or a similar band like Natural Causes would be anything less than over the moon for this.
Tags: 10s garage recommended synth-punk