Gino & the Goons: Love & Hate 7" (new)

Total Punk Records


We're happy to bring Gino & The Goons back into the fold. Since last we've seen them they've put out two records on Slovenly, another single on Pelican Pow Wow, toured Europe, and even have a Japanese pressing of their "Shake It" LP coming out. Don't worry though all the fame and fortune hasn't gone to their heads, and they haven't reached a level that could be confused with sophisticated. Sure Gino now speaks with a British accent, and the Goons have stopped breathing through their mouths, but the musical equation hasn't changed a bit. Two more party starting punk rompers of the budget variety, made to get asses out of their seats and beer flying through the air. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: Latest single from this prolific band, and it continues down the same well-hewn road of Stones / Thunders-inspired punk as their previous releases. I don't think that anyone would accuse Gino & the Goons of breaking down any musical barriers, but by the same token you can't deny their ability to write a big, catchy rock and roll hook either, and "Love & Hate" has a chorus big enough for a stadium, let alone the a-side of a DIY punk single. I doubt these guys will be playing in arenas any time soon, though, because the delivery is as ragged, shambolic, and as punk as you would expect. Another quality single from the Total Punk camp.
Tags: 10s garage punk recommended yoobl