Get High: Demos 1996-97 12"

Painkiller Records


Collection of demos from this mid-90s Boston hardcore/punk band. I remember when these guys were around... I never really paid them much mind, but apparently the band--and these recordings in particular--are held in very high regard by Boston folk. Listening to this record today, I can definitely hear why. In fact, it sounds surprisingly fresh even today. The most obvious point of comparison is Swiz; like that band, Get High sort of take post-hardcore instrumental (particularly the more delicate/complex riffing style) and graft it onto a more energetic, classic punk/hardcore template. The singer even sounds a bit like Shawn Brown. Limited to 289 hand-numbered copies on heavyweight vinyl with screen printed jackets and a poster insert. Painkiller Records

Tags: 90s bfsale USA USHC