Get High Boys: And Out Come The Wolves Cassette

State Laughter


New cassette from this Atlanta band featuring members of Predator and Nag.

Our take: Full-length, 11-song cassette from this new Atlanta band featuring members of Predator and Nag, and it continues Atlanta's recent pattern of absolutely crushing it. If you're upset by the fact that there hasn't been any new GG King material in a while, this Get High Boys tape may help assuage some of that grief, because it's similarly adventurous and adept in its ability to cross subgenre boundaries (there's even a little bit of GG King-esque black-metal-meets-garage here). At its core, though, this is a nasty, mean punk record with big hooks... while it doesn't sound like anything in particular, the menacing yet poppy vibe is kind of similar to Negative Trend or maybe the Feederz' best stuff. It's kind of a shame that we live in a time when music this good is relegated to a cassette, but if this thing came out a floppy disc it'd be worth digging out your old Gateway to play this thing. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s garage melodic punk recommended