Gentlemen: Good Omen 7"



Brand new 7" from this Australian band on the great Japanese label Episode Sounds. Gentlemen are a bit heavier than the stuff that Episode Sounds typically puts out, but this 7" is a total banger. It has the simple, creepy synth lines that remind me of bands like The Intelligence or Lost Sounds, but rather than being laid over garage rock, the rhythm section is pounding out something that's more like a combination of dense noise rock and hardcore. Imagine an all-star Sorry State jam session where the synth players from Whatever Brains jumped on stage with Gay Kiss and you'd be somewhere in the ballpark. The production on this thing is also great... really powerful and thick-sounding but still noisy and abrasive, and the packaging is also top-notch with a really cool printed obi. Definitely one of the best and most exciting things to come in the distro over the past few weeks.
Tags: 10s hardcore Japan noise punk