Genex: Genocidal Executioner cassette



2nd cassette from this Winnepeg raw punk band.

Our take: Another demo tape from Winnipeg, and like their compatriots in Indignari, if you played this and told me it was the new Toxic State release I wouldn't be surprised in the least. Genex, however, sound like maybe they've been listening to a lot of recent Spanish punk like Una Bestia Incontrolable and Glam... not only does this have the echo on the vocals that I associate with some of those bands, but like as with Indignari there's a slightly ambitious or even artsy edge to the way they approach this raw punk sound. I haven't heard too many people talking about Genex, but it's their loss... this is a nasty little ripper of a demo.
Tags: 10s canada d-beat hardcore punk raw recommended yoobl