Generacion Suicida: Tour Flexi 7"

Going Underground Records


Generacion Suicida returns with two brand (rough mixes) tracks from their 3rd lp coming out this Winter. This Flexi is a one time pressing for their South American Tour (Starting September 3rd) we will not repress this and the band is taking the majority of the copies with them on tour so if you are in South America buy it from them..everyone else don't snooze.

Our take: Brand new two-track flexi from this LA punk group released in conjunction with their South American tour. Musically, this is more of what you've come to expect from the band... straightforward, punky, and melodic songs with intertwining male/female vocals and thin, chiming guitars. Everyone always mentions the Vicious and Masshysteri when they describe this band, and for good reason; despite their Spanish-language lyrics Generacion Suicida still have more in common musically with Danish and Swedish bands from the early and mid-00s than just about anyone else that I can think of. Fortunately they don't fuck with emo, indie rock, post-punk, or any of the other rabbit holes a band like this might go through.... they stick to snappy, bass-driven songs that could have come right off of the first Cure album. Definitely this band's best material yet.
Tags: 10s melodic punk