Generacion Suicida: Todo Termina 12"

Going Underground Records


Brand new 12" EP from this LA-area band. When Generacion Suicida started it was clear that they had a major fascination with the X-on-downers sound of Masshysteri and their earlier stuff felt (to me at least) like a scrappier, more DIY take on that sound. While that's still a big element of their sound here, things have evolved a bit, and for the better. First of all (and I don't have any of their other records handy to check), but I don't remember this band having such a sick bass player... whoever is playing bass is just all over the place, laying down this constant, fluid stream of 16th-notes that pull the songs in these great, Eskorbuto-esque melodic directions while the guitars and vocals chug along at a more straightforward punk pace. The slight disjunction between these elements of the band's sound really drives things forward and keeps it very interesting throughout, and of course since the core of their sound is very melodic the whole thing is very catchy and memorable. While I know this band gets kind of pegged as a Masshysteri-influenced band, the songs on this record are almost exclusively blistering fast and melodic, almost sounding in places like a kind of melancholic take on pogo punk. It's a weird combination, but totally unique and killer.

Tags: 10s hardcore melodic punk recommended