Generacion Suicida: Mil Amores 7"

Mata La Musica Discos


Debut vinyl release (their earlier, hard-to-find France-only 12" was a vinyl pressing of their demo) from this killer melodic punk band from LA. The name Masshysteri always seems to come up when people talk about Generacion Suicida, but I think the band actually start to find their own voice a little more on this single. It still reminds me a bit of the last Masshysteri 12" (i.e. my favorite one), but the melodic, Wipers-influenced lead guitar and the plaintive, sung vocals in Spanish definitely give this its own feel. If you liked the demo you'll definitely want this, as it blows it away in pretty much every way. Mata La Musica Discos

Tags: 10s melodic USA