Gasmiasma: Thermobarbarian Glioblastoma 12"

Skrammel Records


So, Gasmiasma is from Louisiana and features members of Crowbar, Down, and Eyehategod. I'm always skeptical when metal dudes do their "hardcore" bands... I remember that Venomous Concept thing that Buzz from the Melvins did, Disfear... I'm sure someone with more knowledge could name many such bands, and some of them are cool I guess, but I feel like there's a very restrained, composed quality that metal guys bring to hardcore, and it always just ends up sounding like dumbed-down metal. Gasmiasma are different... the fact that this is released on the Swedish Skrammel label (home of Totalitar side projects galore, among many other great releases) should tell you right away that these guys are a little more clued-in, and indeed this is a tear-ass hardcore record. It definitely has some big, metallic production, but the playing is just unhinged... you can tell that they know their Totalitar, LP-era Anti-Cimex, etc., but honestly this sounds way more unhinged than either of those... it's just wild and punk as hell. It sounds like the band is putting their all into every take, and the energy just bursts out of the speakers. It definitely requires a certain sensibility to be into this kind of well-produced, metallic d-beat, but damn... this is one of the best things I've EVER heard in this style. If you have any interest at all I'd recommend picking this up... it's a total bruiser.

Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore metal recommended