Gasmask Terror: Chape de Plomb 12"

SPHC Records


Thirteen years strong, six records and multiple tours of Europe, USA, and Japan, France's premier d-beat machine returns with their third LP. This LP finds the band taking their fluent mastery of Totalitar-inspired d-beat in a slightly more rocking direction, with wild guitar solos, bouncing high-octane riffs, and (over)driving momentum permeating throughout the record. I never get tired of great d-beat and as a result I never get tired of Gasmask Terror.

Our take: Latest record from this now long-running French d-beat band. The danger you run when you are a d-beat band for a good amount of time and you progress at your instruments is that you'll end up sounding like "stadium crust." The alternate route, retaining the adequate level of rawness and using your finely honed skills to take you further in your search for The Perfect Riff™, is one that is more difficult to follow. I feel like the main way forward is following in the steps of later Totalitär records like Vi Ar Eliten, and Gasmask Terror definitely take that route. The riffs are complex, yet catchy, and come at you fast and furious with no metal soloing, no bs "doom" parts, and nothing else other than pure, ferocious hardcore punk. If you like that later period of Totalitär or comparable bands like Skemäta or Green Beret this is well worth a listen. It's not the rawest or the most aggressive, but if you look instead for the most inventive, coolest riffs then you should definitely check this out.
Tags: 10s d-beat europe france hardcore recommended yoobl