Gas Rag: On The Beach 7"

Lengua Armada Records


Unfortunately this 5-songer looks to be the swan song from Chicago's almighty Gas Rag, which is a shame because they have been, without a doubt, one of the most exciting hardcore bands of the past several years. I'm sure that no one expects or really wants to hear that they've made any changes to their trademark style of raging, hyperactive d-beat, but I must say On the Beach does sound a hair different than their previous releases. Mostly, this has a much less heavy and more punk recording than their other stuff. The guitars are really thin and scratchy, so listening to this I'm less apt to reach for the d-beat references and more likely to think of the fastest and angriest of 80s USHC. I'm not sure how much of a hand Zach has in the music, but these songs actually sound quite a lot like his old band Acid Reflux, though in general way, way faster and meaner. Of course his trademark growl is in full effect so it doesn't have as much of that slight snotty/poppy edge that Acid Reflux had... but at the end of the day all of these differences are fairly slight, and this still has the raging, out of control sound that made us all fall in love with Gas Rag in the first place, and if you love this band you 100% need this record.

Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore midwest punk recommended ushc