Gary Wrong Group: Away in Heathen Darkness 12"

Scavenger of Death Records


4 tracks of ominous omniscience, pale-faced puerile prurience, and soma-soaked saucy society satire. The soundtrack to sci fi nightmares and cyber-punk sleazy cyber-punk daydreams?

Our take: Latest 12" from this Southern weirdo punker, and I have to say that this is pretty next level, constituting a major improvement over his already-interesting previous 12"s on Total Punk. Something about this release just feels more fleshed-out... the songs feel really different from one another, and the music doesn't feel so densely, even claustrophobically, packed. If you haven't heard Gary Wrong before, I'm not even really sure how to describe the genre that this is in. It has something of the lurching, bass-driven sound of post-punk in there, but the overall vibe is much more sinister, reminding me of the KBD creepout of bands like the Mentally Ill and Flipper at their best, not so much because of any particular aspect of the band's sound, but more because as you listen to this you feel like you're being stalked by a creep with a knife. There are also a lot of really interesting synth textures in here... in that sense, it's not a million miles away from certain periods of Whatever Brains or PC Worship, but this is much rawer, heavier, and more straightforwardly punk. Whatever it is, it's really fascinating and I really, really like where this group is going.
Tags: 10s garage post-punk primitive recommended weird