G.I.S.M.: M.A.N. 12"

euro import


Here it is folks, a totally spot-on unofficial repress of G.I.S.M.'s great 2nd LP. Someone went to the trouble to do this very well, as the package pretty much replicates the original with only subtle differences, including a more solid purple color of vinyl and the front printing on the polybag rather than on a piece of clear acetate. You still get the Pushead-designed poster just like the original, and the sound is top-notch. Musically, while this isn't as wild and primitive as Destestation, a lot of people ultimately think it's better as the band have a sense of control and dynamics that they didn't really have before, and the performance, while still very aggressive, is considerably tighter (or at least it's better produced and you can hear everything better). Either way you slice it, this is an important piece of Japanese punk history and I'm stoked to have it on vinyl.

Tags: 80s hardcore japan metal recommended reissues