Fumigados: S/T 7"

Verdugo Discos


This four track 7" by Fumigados reminds me of classic punk bands like The Avengers, The Expelled, and even Vice Squad. Fumigados are not limited to this sound though. Erika's distinct vocals (formerly of Grima) rage through each song. The guitar and bass work on this 7" is fantastic. The intensity of this record is matched only by their great live performances. One of the best LA punk bands to come out recently.

Our take: Debut EP from this Los Angeles band, and it fits well alongside their labelmates in Tozcos as well as contemporary bands like Latex, Sad Boys, and Criaturas as part of the new vanguard of angry, powerful punk women. While the above-mentioned bands encompass a pretty broad range of styles, they're united by their approach to mean, no-bullshit punk, and Fumigados can definitely hang with any of them. The sound here is a little more on the UK82 end of things, with a mid-to-fast-paced rhythm that is the perfect places for highlighting the great riffing... some of these riffs are so simple and catchy that they remind me of the Stalin circa Stop Jap, and that's not a comparison that I break out very often. If you're picking up the new records from Tozcos, Secta, and Dead Hero you should make it a point to add this to your pile as well.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended