Fukushima: S/T 7"

Den Magiska Cirkeln Records


Debut EP from this new hardcore band from Umeí«, Sweden. Torbjorn (who also sings for UX Vileheads) is their vocalist, and while his voice is immediately recognizable, Fukushima are a different band than UXV. Fukushima a similarly catchy, but the music is much more raw and hardcore-influenced. There's also a clear Motorhead influence to the riffing... all in all, this sounds like the perfect combination of the catchiest Motorcharged punk (i.e. Inepsy, Deathcharge, etc.) with the energy and catchiness of the catchiest early 80s HC like Minor Threat or the Adolescents. A really brilliant EP, and limited to only 200 copies so don't expect it to stick around long. Den Magiska Cirkeln

Tags: 10s D-beat Scandinavia sweden USHC