Frustration: Paranoia & Regret 12"

Inimical Records

$5.00 $10.50

3rd album from this killer Seattle motorpunk band. I hesitate to use that genre tag because it's kind of limited and implies a kind of retrograde take on punk and a dumb rock n roll attitude, but Frustration aren't that at all. While they definitely have that rocking d-beat thing happening in the rhythms, the vocals are super catchy and the guitar-playing extremely melodic (while still evoking the memory of Discharge). This reminds me quite a lot of Born Dead Icons without the "epic" vibe, but as the label states you'll also hear a lot of similarities to Complications and early (i.e. Fill Your Boots-era) Leatherface. A really outstanding album. Inimical Records

Tags: 10s D-beat USA