Freak Vibe: Cuss Gang 7"

Calaveras Records


From the sewers of Seattle comes Freak Vibe. They play punk in the vein of The Cramps and The Stooges. That means heavy on the cool guitars, the blues vibe and the scummy attitude of those early punk bands that just loved primitive and simple rock and roll. If you cried when Lux Interior died, you think that Poison Ivy is the best guitarist in the world or are just like me, a poseur that rediscovered The Cramps just a couple of years ago and now think it is the best band in rock history, then Freak Vibe is for you. This guys and girls are doing a Spring Tour. Check them out they are good. First time I saw them in their native Seattle they blew me away, they are like wild animals with instruments. The drummer is Latino and one of the most violent hitters I have seen, the guitarist has the moves and nice facial hair, the bass player has STYLE and cool hair and the vocalist is just Latino scum.They are even playing a few fests here and there, just in case you go to those kind of events.

Our take: Debut single from this Seattle band on the great CV Records. This is, without a doubt, something different for CV; not only is the band from the United States, but they don't really play the raw hardcore punk style that I most associate with the label. Yes, the music is still primitive, captivating and great, but the style is a little bit different than what you might expect. The label description mentions the Cramps a whole lot--and indeed the b-side does sound quite a bit like the Cramps--but you should know that you're getting more than some kind of retro rehash from CV Records. If I had to compare Freak Vibe to a more modern band it would probably be TV Ghost... like that (great, underrated band) they employ the Cramps / rockabilly swagger, but do so with a Birthday Party-esque vibe of threatening malevolence. So, in other words, like everything on CV this single is definitely a keeper.
Tags: 10s garage punk raw recommended