Framtid: Consuming S*** and Mind Pollution 12"

540 Records


One of the coolest thing about running a distro in the year 2013 is watching my distro shelves fill up with Framtid vinyl... who would have thought that was going to happen even a year ago? Hopefully you've already picked up the reissue of Under the Ashes and the album Defeat of Civilization, but even if you have those you'll still need this LP collection of Framtid's four demo tape releases. All of the original tape releases were exceedingly rare (particularly outside Japan), and while many tracks were re-recorded for vinyl releases, many weren't. This isn't b-grade material, either... it's clear that Framtid put just as much care and effort into their short-run cassette releases as they have into their more widely-distributed vinyl releases. The packaging on this is also pretty phenomenal, including a gatefold jacket, powerful mastering, and a very cool booklet full of artwork, lyrics, fliers, and photos. 540 Records

Tags: 00s 90s bfsale D-beat Japan noisy